Each morning as I sit in the quiet of my family room and pray, I hear, see, and smell the signs of Spring and feel my soul slowly being uplifted. First the rays of the sun pulsate the horizon, spreading a rosy golden hue in the sky. Then the birds begin their sunrise serenade,  becoming an Alleluia chorus right in my backyard. I open the door, smell jasmine and orange blossoms, see the purple bearded iris and snowy white freeshia nodding their morning hellos. And even though the sea air is still a bit nippy, I know that Spring has come again to Southern California. Lent is soon over and Holy Week has finally come, the biggest week of the entire year not only for the universal Church but for me as well.  Today is Passion or Palm Sunday. As we paradoxically meditate of the joys of the Last Supper and read the narrative of Christ’s passion, may we all be ready to welcome the events that changed the history of the world and allow it to penetrate and transform our lives once again.