The Easter season is a time of basking in the mystery of Christianity’s greatest boast – the resurrection of Christ. This is not just some puny, interesting or hopeful event!  If it weren’t for the eye witnesses , who were empowered and zealous about this belief, the Christian faith would not have spread to the corners of the earth as it continues to do today.  Similar to our conventional, cultural view of Christmas, Easter Sunday comes and goes quickly, a one day event for most people. However, our Catholic tradition celebrates the Easter season for fifty days, ending with the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost (this year on May 27th).  During this time, we are invited to bask in the wondrous mystery of the resurrection that not only occurred when Jesus walked the earth, but also occurs in our own lives on a daily basis. As we wait “in joyful hope” of the many times we have risen, like Christ, from the dead times in this life, may we continue to deepen our appreciation for all the many blessings of this season of new beginnings.