Resolution: Snug Harbor

As a long time sailor, I am familiar with the term “hurricane hole.” A hurricane hole is a safe anchorage to endure heavy weather.  In the Caribbean, it may be up a river among a grove of strapping banyan trees where a mariner could lash many lines to keep his craft centered in a depth of water, safe from wind-whipped waves. In Southern California, the only identified hurricane hole is Cat Harbor, a deep and winding anchorage on the backside of Catalina Island across the isthmus from Twin Harbors. I, too. seek safe harbor when all hell breaks loose; when all my best laid plans and preparations fail and I must turn tail and run.  Only when I weigh anchor into the deep and holy waters and bind onto the sturdy boughs of the pierced and Risen One can I weather the inevitable storms that life produces.  May I always remember to navigate to these waters, these depths, and the protected lee shore that my Savior provides.

by Andrew

Resolution: Be a Better Friend

 “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves” is one of my favorite quotes.  I’ve been blessed with many truly good friends, some much more like sisters and brothers. They have shared the highs and lows of my life and have always been there to love me. Jesus understood friendship: he raised Lazarus from the dead and he forgave Peter’s betrayal even when Peter couldn’t forgive himself. I like to think that I am as good a friend to others as they are to me, but in the busyness of life, I know I fall short. I’ll not return the phone call that I should have because I’m doing something that is “more important.”  But what is more important than showing the same love to someone that they show to you? So, this year I will make it a priority to be the one to make the call rather than return it.

by JAM

Resolution: Be Better

We all want to be better people–better children, spouses, and neighbors. At times, trying to hard to be better can make us feel inadequate. We can be kind, generous and thoughtful and still not make a mark. The spotlight eludes us. We feel anxious. We stray from our New Year resolutions and tremble over the thought of Lent. Evil creeps in and takes over, sets us back. We realize how insignificant our lives can be so we try harder and fall further. Then comes Sunday mass and a touch of a friend and a tithe. Then a sacrifice, some small pain and a sigh moves our spirits. We spot that rainbow. There’s a new six-foot swell and more snow in the mountains than has ever been recorded. That spotlight shines on a life that only miracles can explain.  Pray the Beatitudes. Trust in a miracle. A footnote to your glorious life. Be better, but be better for God and leave your anxieties behind.

by Diego

Resolution: Grateful

My brother had a stroke. After visiting him, driving home on Ortega Highway at night in blinding rain, my friend and I came around the bend and crashed into a boulder the size of a small BBQ. it was directly in front of us. Swerve right and we go careening over the cliff. Swerve left and we go head on into on coming traffic. We hit it straight on, limped over to a turnout and put the emergency blinkers on. It was freezing cold! It took over two hours for the tow truck to arrive. My friend’s car is totaled. Where was God in all of this? Psalm 121:3 “He will not allow your foot to slip; He who keeps you will not slumber.” My brother could have died from his stroke. He will recover. We could have died. We met the most compassionate highway patrolman and tow truck driver, who drove us home before taking the car to the lot. I am resolved to be very grateful for being watched over by Our Lord!

by Gracie

Resolution: Savor

By temperament, I am high energy, always moving and sometimes quite impatient. It is no coincidence that when I prayed about my word for 2017, “savor” appeared. Savor: to enjoy something with unhurried appreciation; to savor the moment, to relish or fully appreciate something. It’s as if God is saying to me, “Take in this beautiful world with all I have created for you. Don’t miss being present to the gifts I generously pour forth each day.” As savor is usually associated with food, I can digest the beautiful psalm, “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good”, and pray that the Lord gives me a hunger and thirst to know Him more and allow that to take me into this New Year. “Life is a collection of a million tiny little moments and choices, like a handful of luminous pearls. Strung together, lined up through the days and the years, they make a life.” (Shauna Niequist)  Amen.

by Cathy

Resolution: Communication

Have you ever said something that as soon as it leaves your mouth you regret it and want to take it back? As I grow older, I am aware that the words that leave my lips are sometimes coming from a buried emotion or just not thinking before I speak. Often I am self-absorbed, and not aware of how my words affect others. The art of communication eludes me as I try to gather the right words or sentences to form what is in my head. I come up short and I feel inadequate and mute. I sometimes wish I had a huge canvas with an array of paints and colors to express what I am trying to say. I resolve this year to set daily intentions and become aware of my words. I want to choose my thoughts with clarity as much as possible.  I want to match my actions with my words as I continue to work on my canvas of communication.  I want to make a meaningful piece of art every time I speak, or at least try.

by Liz

Resolution: Be Present


I started maternity leave this week. I said goodbye to my students and my co-workers, promising to be back in a few months. As much as I am excited to have some time to rest before this next baby arrives, I have been struggling with letting go. My work and my students inspire and fulfill me, and it isn’t easy to step in and out of the classroom in the middle of the year. However, I am working hard on savoring each moment I experience. My time as a mother of one is limited to days now, and I want to soak up my son’s love and zest for life as much as possible before we become a family of four. As hard as it is for me to live in the moment, this particular pregnancy is helping me to embody my gratitude and be present to God’s abundant gifts each day.

by CMM

Resolution: Patience

Having been born and raised in the Big Apple I understand the meaning of “in a New York minute.”  Everything in my hometown moves at the speed of light. For example, never hesitate at an intersection when the light turns green. You will be prompted to move by a blast of the horn from the car behind you and sometimes a shout. It’s just the way traffic moves there –with loud encouragement. After nine years here on the west coast, I’ve come to appreciate the slower pace of things. I understand that sometimes the view beyond the traffic light is spectacular and deserves an extra minute to take in God’s beautiful creation before moving on. The “traffic” in our everyday lives deserves that extra minute also, to really listen to hear God’s word. He seldom is one to honk to get you going and he won’t shout. But if you wait, you will hear his loud encouragement. Be patient.

by JAM