Resurrected Belonging

The new day comes in just like the other days.

The spring sun brimming at sunrise.

My heart sings and my soul swells as I stand in the light.

Humbled. Not giving. Receiving.

Resurrected joy.  Simplicity of the silence.

I remain quiet, listening to God’s world.

It invites me in;  the cascading sounds of birds, the wispy wind, rustling leaves and the smell of fresh Kona coffee.

A new day of my life has begun.

So I stand.

Receiving.  Belonging.  And I smile.

by Liz

Serving Family

When I think of service for others, I think of the greater acts of helping our homeless, volunteering at the shelter, or traveling to Mexico to help build a home. But more simply these days, I am called to service within my own family. The simple call of being there when a close cousin is crushed with pain, I lend my container of love to hold the precious emotions and tears to help hold her suffering.  I am called to continue to guide my son into adulthood, what steps to take that educate him on everyday life, things you and I have learned automatically. I continue to serve myself, not like a selfish taker, but as a child of God serving my need to fill my lamp with oil when it is not empty but knowing when the light is dim.  Service is many things to me and I serve with a glad heart and a prayer in my soul.

by Liz

Prayer Spaces

Prayers, paintings, crystals, statues, spiritual passages in books, the colors on my walls, the arrangement of my furniture create energy that lifts me. I find that bringing the elements of earth, water, fire, air, sound, smell into my environment stirs my inner self and makes prayer more accessible in my everyday life.  I have a prayer space in my kitchen window.  All the elements are present so when I am doing the daily tasks, like the dishes, I simply breath in and look at my window and exhale with ease, feeling the essence of my space and if just for that moment saying a prayer of intention.  As I move into the other rooms of my home doing my chores, I intentionally pray for the people and worries on my heart for that day.  It is so important to me to have my outer space reflect my inner space so I can live in harmony.  A sacred space can be anywhere in your home if you approach it with a prayerful heart.

by Liz

Yearning To Belong

Did you ever sit alone on a crowded playground or classroom and feel like you don’t belong?That yearning and desire to belong to a group is our human longing to connect. It starts with family, continues in the work place, in social circles, in church. Desire to belong  binds us together as human beings living in this spiritual world.  I have found it takes time to discern what belonging really means, like where I came from since I was adopted, what group in school I was going to hang out with, what work ladder I would climb and prove myself. I can also take myself out of that belonging if it is not good or healthy for me.  The one true connection for me is belonging to God. That innate distinction, once experienced, brings a belonging and a longing that will never go away in my soul. Everything falls into place once I rest in that knowing and feel the security of belonging to God.

by Liz


Young Blood

“Oh, those young whipper-snappers,” my Dad would say of the youth buzzing around him. Last week, my youngest son was home for spring break and the house was alive again.  That quick energy of a twenty year old opening the fridge twenty times a day, wearing the hinges off the pantry cupboard, long time friends dropping by throughout the day and night, made my heart sing but it did not make me want to be young again.  Yes, to be young with the energy and stamina would be so nice but the wisdom in this second half of life is God’s gift to me.  I relish in my continual journey of faith and insight as I grew one year older last month.  God gives us these trimesters in our lives to be seasoned and ripened to move to the next unopened door. In the meantime, I will smile, keep working out and stay fully alive as my family grows and I get to witness their trimesters of life.

by Liz

Soul Spirit Love

If we did not have a human body and a human mind and all the egocentric psychological mind games we play out from living in this world, we would simply just have our true God-given soul spirit of love.  I have a vision of each of our spirits swirling around each other lifting, loving, playing, supporting, inviting, singing and being in harmony with one another.  A life full of contentment, love, and fulfillment.  Heaven! Sometimes the limitations of our humanness does not let us be free to let our true inner soul spirit love come out when genuinely inspired.  To break out in dance when you hear music, to sing at the top of your lungs when hearing a song that moves you, to run around in joy because you feel good at that moment, is the true God- given soul spirit love wanting to come out. How would your true soul spirit love come out in you?

by Liz

Open Arms

I took a wrong turn on purpose.  You know, the one that leads to an element of surprise.  I took a hike on an unfamiliar path.  The ground I followed led me to a place of wonder and openness.  I have been open to the unexpected that is right in front of me,  to every gift God has to offer.  I am listening with intention to the voices and words in my world and something really cool is happening.  I am trying new paths to follow.  I am inventing creative ways to express myself.  I am trying new foods and to my surprise, liking them.  I am expanding my arms wide open to bare my vulnerable self to others while allowing God to enter fully in me.  The budding lupine on my new hike reminds me that what I sow today will blossom abundantly.  The wrong turns and the ahi tuna sushi roll awakens me to the invitation to be open each day to what God is offering me.  I like sushi now!

by Liz

Spirit Muscles

A gym workout makes my muscles strong, or at least that is what I try to accomplish when I am there three days a week. There is a different kind of strength that makes up the muscle in my soul. The tending to my spirit when I am at my weakest point builds that muscle of perseverance. Relying on God to see me through the roughest situation or incredible pain seems to build a strength that only I can gain from pure faith and surrendering to it.  When I am overcome by my sadness and pain, I only have one way to go…up!  Offering up the pain, the suffering, the human angst to God releases me from my weakest point to my greatest strength–emptying out all of me so that there is room for the muscles to grow within me. To gain an ounce of perseverance and hope each day is God working through me to build my strength in Him. How I love those spirit muscles!

by Liz