On the Boardwalk

When our family could not afford to go away on a summer vacation when I was young, the ultimate day trip for me and my friends was the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz.  We would spend all day at the beach, body surfing and using baby oil to tan. We would then wander up to the arcade to play air hockey and share a candied caramel apple. The thrill for the day was riding the giant roller coaster. We would stay until dusk and enjoy the beach concert on the sand listening to one of our local, favorite rock bands.  While the summer temperatures stayed humid and hot into the night, we would then dare each other to hop the fence of neighboring motels and cool off in their pools. We would end up visiting five or six pools, laughing our way, trying to cool off and not get caught. What a perfect day full of water, sun, candy, music, games, rides and “pool hopping.”  Those kind of days remind me of how God wants us to be, full of wonder, awe and playfulness.

by Liz


I woke up to a sunny, cloudy, muggy, morning and the day was freely perfect!  No agenda, no appointments, no plans–a “staycation” day. My hubby and I slept in like teenagers and eased into the morning.  We leisurely did a few things around the house then walked down to the beach with only a towel, our phones and some change to buy a burger at the snack shack.  Salty summer air and charbroiled burgers with the ocean as our playground was the ultimate afternoon delight. After a swim in the 70 degree water, we eased our way to walk Del Mar Street and take in all the sights and sounds of our small town, feeling like kids with no time to be home.  The clouds were building. The rain started to trickle down and then turn into a beautiful shower as we walked home giddy laughing and talking about our day.  What a freedom walking in the rain brings to the spirit!  All I did was smile, look up, close my eyes and let nature bathe me with eternal water. Grateful.

by Liz

Holy Water of Life

It was time! Time to have all five in our family go away on a vacation, time to play and BE. It seems to get harder as our sons get older to clear the calendar of work and obligations to be together. We rented a big pontoon boat and jet ski and frolicked in the clear, cool water of the Colorado River.  The smiles on our sons’ faces were just like when they were ten years old.  The faces and bodies are more mature but the spirits are exactly the same. They had the thrill of tubing behind a boat as Dad thrashed them back and forth across the wake and launched them airborne either right back onto the tube or into the water sideways. It was truly living in the moment and everyone was a kid again.  The vulnerable exchanges of child-like play led to spirit filled moments as God witnessed His children being children, living life.  We embraced the canyons (jumping off cliffs), the sun, the water, the heated (118 degree) air, as we created memories playing in the summer holy water of life.

by Liz

Summer Senses

God is calling me outside.  The summer is just beginning and creation is beckoning its familiar sights and sounds. As I venture out one morning for my beach run, I pause at my usual turn around place and step further down to the familiar stairs that looked so inviting this time. I am in awe as I see the budding of leaves and blossoms, the fresh morning light rising in between a few scattered clouds. Birds are sweetly rehearsing their arias and my senses are alive at that very moment. I am in gratitude for these simple creations that delight me so. I am fully in the ‘moment’ of all that is around me. I have a simple consciousness of God saying out loud, “Welcome to my Kingdom on earth.” All that I see, hear, taste, smell and touch is God’s spiritual body wrapping me in His world full of His love and light.  I will, in turn, breathe in all the senses of God and walk back the way I came to a new day, emitting light and love to whomever crosses my path. Oh, happy summer day!

by Liz


The Power of Pause

Funny thing, I have been wanting to read this book I recently got, The Power of Pause by Terry Hershey.  As I write this, the book sits on my kitchen table upright with my other books I reach for during my brief morning meditation time.  I guess I am drawn to it now, as I take a ‘powerful’ pause and start the book that has been looking me in the eye every day. It reminds me that God is calling me every day to take pause and seek Him, to intentionally take time. After I heard Terry Hershey talk about the “power of pause,” it was something I wanted to desperately do every day. But sometimes inspiration needs to be directed and nurtured to action.  That’s what this season of holy leisure is doing for me–taking action to pause, doing something so you can just learn to BE.  Kind of paradoxical but so true.  So, for now, I will take this book, open it, and act upon the words on the page.  Take action, to pause.

by Liz

The Key of Life

I grew up with what seemed like endless piano lessons.  I practiced every day and my Mom would set the timer on top of the piano (her mistake) and I would slowly push it forward to decrease my practice time.  She never thought the timer ding went off too soon, as I giggled to myself each time.  Even the short amount of practice (at times) gave me 7 years of creativity. I had the ear for music and would always deviate from the theory being taught and would embellish my cords and timing.  Soon, I found myself making some of my own music and just playing whatever came to my mind.  My piano sits in my living room with the lid open all the time.  Recently, with a glass of Pinot Noir, I sit down and start to play for the simple pause.  I find myself a bit rusty but just like riding a bike, it all comes back.  I smile and feel God’s presence in my soul as I tickle the ivory to my heart’s desire.

by Liz

Resurrected Belonging

The new day comes in just like the other days.

The spring sun brimming at sunrise.

My heart sings and my soul swells as I stand in the light.

Humbled. Not giving. Receiving.

Resurrected joy.  Simplicity of the silence.

I remain quiet, listening to God’s world.

It invites me in;  the cascading sounds of birds, the wispy wind, rustling leaves and the smell of fresh Kona coffee.

A new day of my life has begun.

So I stand.

Receiving.  Belonging.  And I smile.

by Liz

Serving Family

When I think of service for others, I think of the greater acts of helping our homeless, volunteering at the shelter, or traveling to Mexico to help build a home. But more simply these days, I am called to service within my own family. The simple call of being there when a close cousin is crushed with pain, I lend my container of love to hold the precious emotions and tears to help hold her suffering.  I am called to continue to guide my son into adulthood, what steps to take that educate him on everyday life, things you and I have learned automatically. I continue to serve myself, not like a selfish taker, but as a child of God serving my need to fill my lamp with oil when it is not empty but knowing when the light is dim.  Service is many things to me and I serve with a glad heart and a prayer in my soul.

by Liz