Day 43 ~ The Appointed Time

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Loving Jesus,

The appointed time has come again to enter into the events of your Passion, death and resurrection.

Thank you for these forty days of preparation that have enabled to stretch and grow.

I know I still have a long way to go as I struggle to be your faithful disciple

but may the memory of this Lent remain with me always.



Day 42 ~ Betrayal and Denial

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Compassionate and Forgiving God,

So many times has my soul felt fractured from betrayal and denial.

I do not blame others for I, too,  have brought this darkness into the world.

Help me to overcome these human but destructive temptations

by remembering Judas and Peter.

After the fall,  let me not feel despair but embraced

 by your love.


Day 41 ~ Intimacy

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Loving Jesus,

I long to be close to others and to you but I am so afraid of being hurt.

When moments of intimacy arise, anoint me to both give and receive your love.

Bring me to my knees and keep me close

so that I may be vulnerable enough

to experience the healing touch of your presence.


Day 40 ~ Palms and Passion

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Passionate Jesus,

I wave palms and then I turn on you.

Meditating on your crucifixion and death fill me with feelings of shame and guilt.

How easily I could have been one of the crowd who abandoned  you.

As I gaze upon your cross today,

I ask forgiveness and mercy.

I cling to you and to what your sacrifice meant

not only to me but to the whole world.



Day 39 ~ A Call To Action

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Loving God,

As I approach Holy Week, I thank you for bringing me this far.

Help me to continue to look inside my soul and make changes that will transform my life,

not only for my own good but for the good of the whole world.

Give me awareness and perseverance to enter more deeply into the Paschal Mystery.


Day 38 ~ Lamentations

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Loving God,

There are so many people and things I am worried about.

I cry out to you over the injustices that bring suffering and death to the innocent

and so many other good people.

I offer you my tears and sorrows.

Help me to trust that you hear and answer me.


Day 37 ~ Eternal Life

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Eternal Hope,

I look at your passion, death and resurrection with wonder.

You inspire and empower me with your example of surrender.

Increase my faith in your promise of eternal life.

Help me to follow you with greater intensity as I draw nearer to Holy Week.



Day 36 ~ True Freedom

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Divine Liberator,

Your Word is the basis of all truth,

the truth that sets me free.

May I never take this gift for granted.

May I always cherish and protect freedom for everyone.

Help me to remain in your word so that I can be a

faithful and true disciple of your good news.