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Becoming a House of Prayer and a House of the Poor

“We cannot sustain ourselves all on our own. We need prayer. . . prayer is meant to connect us to divine energy, even as it makes us aware that this energy is not our own. . . “ Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, Sacred Fire, page 171

Becoming a House of Prayer means beginning with me, my soul, my own house.  Having an honest conversation with Jesus every day transforms me and is the first step in transforming the world. It all begins with gratitude, seeing everything in life as gift, and giving thanks. So—what are your grateful for today?

Becoming a House of the Poor emerges naturally from having a daily a conversation with Jesus. His mandate in the gospels is clear–whatever I do to others, I do to him. “How we treat the poor is how we treat Jesus,” reminds me of the unbreakable connection that being a follower, a Christian disciple, really means. The impoverished among us may include those closest to us.