Balance by Donna Erickson CouchIt’s all about balance
when you get down to it
That’s the meaning of the good life
Say the wisdom people from all traditions
We seekers all nod and agree
Meanwhile the juggling act goes on
The dictator clock and survival demands
Pressing in on our lives
Making us worry about what we eat
How much we sleep and exercise
What occupies the mind and spirit
Just too much to bear sometimes
We don’t have time to play and pray
The two non-utilitarian essentials
That we know might give us the wholeness we seek
I go back to the beach then for a reminder to slow down and contemplate
Breathe slowly, walk deliberately
Take those tiny steps toward serenity
Allowing each cell in my body to smile
Just then the shiny black backs of dolphins gleam in the sun
As they emerge and submerge, the center of my being is restored
All is right with the world, it’s great to be alive
Renewed and balanced I stand firmly in the sand,
Ready to listen again for the invitation at the core of who I am