If you recently returned to the Catholic faith, you might be wondering how to connect or wanting to ask a few questions about what seems to be a different faith than the one you left. We call this “remembering” because where you are now has a lot to do with the roots of your sacred history.

If you have not been to church in many years (I’ll let you define that), you might want to come to RCIA (the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) the faith formation experience for people who are considering conversion. Even though you are Catholic, the RCIA process will provide you with an update and adult perspective on the faith.

RCIA meets on Tuesday nights, this year beginning on September 18, 2012. Please call the Faith Formation Office (949-493-9713) and talk to me (Donna Couch) about getting involved. ALL ARE WELCOME!

There have been some interesting commercials lately that implore Catholics to consider “coming home” to their faith. The website has a LOT to offer.  Here’s the link: