When I was young, I use to go off into the woods near where I lived and yell to my delight just because I could. There were ninety acres of redwoods and not a soul around.  My yells would sometimes echo back to me so I felt I was not alone.  I sometimes thought it was God talking back to me. This is something I would never do now, given the proximity of neighbors and feeling somewhat reserved about a grateful yell.  There was something freeing about a good ol’ yell out loud.  I felt release, merriment, and gratefulness all at the same time; a sacred space, of sorts, to hear my own voice when I felt I did not have one.  I have discovered my voice, yet again in a different light, in my adult years and that same feeling of delight and gratefulness overcomes me.  I resolve this year to continue to yell out my joy and share it with others.

by Liz