Did you ever sit alone on a crowded playground or classroom and feel like you don’t belong?That yearning and desire to belong to a group is our human longing to connect. It starts with family, continues in the work place, in social circles, in church. Desire to belong  binds us together as human beings living in this spiritual world.  I have found it takes time to discern what belonging really means, like where I came from since I was adopted, what group in school I was going to hang out with, what work ladder I would climb and prove myself. I can also take myself out of that belonging if it is not good or healthy for me.  The one true connection for me is belonging to God. That innate distinction, once experienced, brings a belonging and a longing that will never go away in my soul. Everything falls into place once I rest in that knowing and feel the security of belonging to God.

by Liz