“All things are possible for God.” Mark 10:27

A few years ago I reviewed the book, Mother of God, Similar to Fire, for Presence, the journal of Spiritual Directors International. The book contains exquisite icons by priest-iconographer William Hart McNichols and poetic prayer reflections by Mirabai Starr.  The book has  resided close by my prayer table ever since, a continual source of spiritual nourishment. The image of the Woman Clothed With the Sun, one of many unusual portrayals,  has provided many hours of contemplation. The icon brings together the Earth’s sources of light, the sun that enshrines, the moon that bolsters underfoot, and the true Light of the world, the Christ-child.  Mary’s face peers out from behind the confident and loving gaze of her child whose hand is uplifted in a blessing of peace. The first words of the reflection are: “Encircled by sunlight, rooted in moonlight, you hold up the light of the Holy One and offer it as a remedy for a troubled world, Blessed Mother.”  Words worth remembering.


Mirabai Starr Reading from her book: http://youtu.be/WhR4U0adliI