A lot of unfortunate events have happened recently that have sent our country into a deep grief. This month’s theme, “The Wonders of Autumn,” makes us ponder those whose lives are so hard that to dwell upon such sweet spiritual ideas is untenable; and for those whose lives have been cut short and will never have the opportunity to grow old like ourselves. Wisdom takes time and experience to sink into the soul. While many of us have the grace and facility to ponder the beauty of the natural life cycle, do our brothers and sisters suffer because somehow we are not more empathetic?  Have we lost Jesus’ core message to pay attention and take care of the poor?  Until the Christ of the gospel shows up in the polling booths and out on the street, the cycle of life and death may only hold meaning for folks like us, the privileged few, while the rest of the world suffers, sometimes at our own hands. Yet all of us must go on, holding the tension, recovering the natural wonder of each moment.

by Andrew and DC