Dotty is an 81-year-old sober alcoholic born and raised in the Bronx by an alcoholic mother and a working-class father.  Sober one day at a time for over 34 years, Dotty has a New York gruff exterior but a heart of gold.  While she will call out an “old-timer” on his bull-oney, she will take a newcomer, still shaking and baking from detox, under her wing. She always tends to the one left out, the quiet one, those who are so new to sobriety and raw with shame and incomprehensible demoralization that they cannot look you in the eye. She throws fantastic celebrations for people’s sobriety birthdays and shows her love and caring through her cooking, presence, and mentorship.  Dotty has a God “of her understanding” that is in all ways working in and through her. With the mouth of a sailor, a fierce love for suffering alcoholics and a heart overflowing with love, Dotty shows me the Way the Truth and the Life without ever a peep about religion.

by Andrew