While on my daily walks or doing home tasks, I find great enjoyment listening to spiritually-themed podcasts. One of my recent favorites, “Jesuitical,” is produced by some creative young folks who work with Jesuits. These are not your ordinary millennials! Their religious outlook is quirky, amusing and refreshing as they report Church news and do interviews with people rarely heard elsewhere. At the end of each interview, guests are invited to name someone they think should be canonized. It can be a person living or dead, someone they know personally or simply by their writings or deeds. It is fascinating to hear who people choose and why. Every time, I am surprised and delighted. Consequently, as we dive into September and the Fall season, we thought it might be fun to write about the significant people who have changed our lives. Finding God in relationships is not a new idea but here is an opportunity to be collectively grateful for the many companions who have graced and blessed our lives. Welcome, September!

by DC

Link to Jesuitical Podcast: https://jesuitical.podbean.com/