I started working at Disneyland nine years after it opened. When Walt Disney visited “the Park,” word would spread like wildfire! As a tour guide, my job was to share Walt’s vision. Can you imagine what it’s like to be tasked with spreading joy, magic and fairy dust on all who entered beneath the tunnels of the Santa Fe Railroad? Walt invested his creativity in a place where humanity could leave its daily cares aside and enter a world, with family and friends that would transform reality into awe and wonder, giggles and laughter. I would regularly come home from an exhausting day’s work exhilarated, bubbling over with stories to share. Similarly, Christ’s love fills me with awe and wonder that flows from deep gratitude. I often come away from prayer renewed, feeling blessed, and held in eternal love. Walt Disney wanted to give people keys to the “Magic Kingdom.” Christ wants us all to have the keys to eternal life! From California Adventure, please enjoy “Soaring over California.”


by Gracie