I’m bringing out my array of fashionable boots! It’s that time again to cover my toes as I enter the season of fall. I look at the cache of shoes in my closet. Each pair has a purpose or a season. My Rainbow Sandals are carefree abandon, loose and open. My two-inch wedge sandals with ankle straps hold my feet secure yet still are airy and open. My suede ankle boots hibernate my toes and give me sure footing. These shoes invite me to look down at my footpath in life, the grounding on which my feet experience life, putting one foot in front of another, securing my footing, looking inward and grounding myself again through these seasons of life. God wants me to look down once in a while to make sure my footing is still secure in Him. These boots are made for “walkin,” for planting my feet securely on God, as I take each step on His earthly ground.

by Liz