When I think of summer, I think of walking barefoot on crunchy, warm sand. The beach is a place I go to experience the “spaciousness” of God, the “light” of God, and in the crashing waves the “power” of God. The beach always takes me out of my small world and transports me to a place of possibilities, a bigger place, an inspiring place. I can’t help but think when I read Acts 3: 1-10 what a shocker it had to be for the crippled man when he was healed and walked for the first time on his feet. He had only asked for money and was given a much more meaningful and generous gift. It makes me think sometimes I don’t see our Lord and His generosity in His fullness. Perhaps we mortals aren’t capable of that. This verse, however, reminds me, like the beach inspires me, that our Lord is more compassionate, more powerful, filled with more light, is more generous, than anything I could possibly pray for!

by Gracie