For twenty years I spent summers in Idaho on a lake. My favorite thing to do was to sit on the porch in the rocking chair with my coffee, feel the soft breeze, watch the rippling lake water and observe the Canadian geese with their goslings. I felt serene, connected to nature and as such at peace. I do not visit Idaho as much today and have missed that tranquil feeling of at-one-ment with that nature of God that I can not fathom but belong to when I am still and contemplative inside. I felt at once intimate and vast. Recently, I bought a painting that, when I look at it, brings back to me that same feeling of belonging to something grander, more universal than my own small sphere of being. It’s kind of like when you hear a song from your past, the feelings from that long forgotten era come flooding back, evoking memories. My painting is a “touch stone” for me to enjoy the serenity in the spaciousness of God.

by Gracie