I remember like it was yesterday, my first class in my three-year journey to complete the formation to be a spiritual director. I had waited many years for this day to come, this calling on my life from God. I was like a blank canvas waiting for the Spirit to begin to write my new story. Then our presenter read this poem by Dawna Markova and I was moved to tears. Dawna is a cancer survivor and wrote this poem from a deep place of transformation. What she expressed so beautifully through her poetry was in my heart but I did not have the words. It has been a favorite life poem for me and one that resonated deep in my soul and continues to be a light that guides me and reminds me to live my life with passion and pass on the fruit of that passion to others.

by Cathy

Poem: https://www.values.com/inspirational-quotes/6160-i-will-not-die-an-unlived-life-i-will-not-live