It was many summers ago. We were getting out of high school and decisions had to be made. Do we go to college or do we find work and go out on our own? A good friend of ours decided to work. He was a tough, self-made man. He was adopted, deaf, had a speech impediment and was balding at the tender age of 18. He moved to Colorado and got a job as a short order cook. The odds were stacked against him but he rose above his disadvantages. I was too young then to know, but I know now a profound admiration. It was years later that we learned of his death. There was a fire in the small kitchen where he worked and because he couldn’t hear, he perished in Colorado. I was too young then to know, but I know now a deep sorrow. The blessing of his life was that he was that he led a Chrisitan life and I believe that even the fires of hell couldn’t keep him from getting to heaven.

by Diego