Music and prayer go naturally together. Both play in the background of my life, much like a great soundtrack that accompanies a movie and makes it seem better than it really is.  One of my favorite albums, The Prayer Cycle,  is a choral/orchestral album by American film and television composer Jonathan Elias. It  brings together a multi-cultural sound that seems close to what God must hear when we pray. The project consists of a nine-part contemporary choral symphony in twelve languages (Hungarian, Hebrew, Latin, Swahili, Tibetan, Urdu, Mali, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and English).  Featured vocalists include Alanis Morissette, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Salif Keita, Linda Ronstadt, Ofra Haza, James Taylor, Richard Bona, Mah Damba, Yungchen Lhamo, and Perry Farrell, who were backed by Devin Provenzano, The American Boychoir and The English Chamber Orchestra & Chorus.. I play the album in its entirety during our Good Friday Lamentations services every year. Afterward, many ask me for the title, having been transported by the haunting quality of this exceptional album, . Enjoy this piece, entitled “Grace.”