Funny thing, I have been wanting to read this book I recently got, The Power of Pause by Terry Hershey.  As I write this, the book sits on my kitchen table upright with my other books I reach for during my brief morning meditation time.  I guess I am drawn to it now, as I take a ‘powerful’ pause and start the book that has been looking me in the eye every day. It reminds me that God is calling me every day to take pause and seek Him, to intentionally take time. After I heard Terry Hershey talk about the “power of pause,” it was something I wanted to desperately do every day. But sometimes inspiration needs to be directed and nurtured to action.  That’s what this season of holy leisure is doing for me–taking action to pause, doing something so you can just learn to BE.  Kind of paradoxical but so true.  So, for now, I will take this book, open it, and act upon the words on the page.  Take action, to pause.

by Liz