Recently, a little slip of land located just outside the southwest window of our church was transformed from an unkempt field of weeds  and flora into a beautiful meditation garden. Perched high above the glittering Pacific Ocean, the view of creation beckons us to pause, stop awhile, and rest in the arms of the God of Love. The focal point of the garden is a small prayer labyrinth, a walking meditation  that grounds and centers the traveler back into the heart of the Beloved. No one can adequately describe what will happen as one traverses the labyrinth. Like all prayer, the result of a cry of the heart, can only be experienced. So come, see for yourself, take the time to enter and stand on  this holy ground, free from the cares of the world, your personal life, the noise and distraction of cellphones and traffic. Come back to who you really are ~ centered and at peace deep in the sanctuary of God who dwells within you.