I am not at my best at night. I seem to hit my stride by mid-afternoon and fade rapidly thereafter. Because of this I have rarely taken on anything more stimulating than a non-fiction book as the sun sets and certainly would not want to take on anything even remotely educational since my tired brain will simply not allow knowledge to seep in when all it wants to do is rest. To attend an evening lecture would be totally out of the question. Then I happened upon our parish’s podcasts. Here’s everything I’ve missed because of my unwillingness to remain dressed and educable after a certain time of day. I can listen to them whenever I want and learn from them. For me, it’s sort of like having a diet where you only eat chocolate and ice cream. I am discovering new and exciting aspects of my faith on my own time in my own way. Try it: http://tuesday-nights-at-rcia.madewithopinion.com/

by JAM