There are days when all our lives can seem so boring, monotonous and repetitive.  It’s easy to just focus on the next big step in our lives rather than on the moment we are living  With this mentality, it’s so easy to forget that each ordinary day has purpose. These are the times I turn to e-learning to fill me with joy. Like many young people today, I am able to watch a lot of films on my computer, phone or tablet.  The film, “The Human Experience” about the lepers in Gahanna, Africa,  completely shook up my soul.  There is one man who apparently has had leprosy for a long time; no nose, feet or fingers.  Yet the JOY that radiated from his deformed face brought tears to my eyes.  He then shared his secret, “If God has me wake up in the morning, then I know He has something for me to do today.”  If we truly see each day as God’s gift, then we will have joy.  Here, now, today.

by Laura