“The Lord takes delight in His people.”  Psalm 149

Even though there is singing during mass, the music is not meant to be a concert. I must confess that I’ve been known over the years to pick churches by the style of music that is played at mass. One of my favorite songs, although it is a little dated now, is “The Heart of Worship.” This song conveys that at the heart of worship, whether it be in contemporary or not, is Christ. As I’ve matured,  I have realized that the mass is just as beautiful if there is “good” music, “bad” music, or no music because of  the Eucharist—the physical presence of our God, who “takes delight in His people.” While I still feel closer to God when I sing in a favorite style, I know that as long as our words are a prayer, whether we sound amazing or terrible,  that’s what matters. It is in the words and surrendering of ourselves that the Lord is delighted.

by Jason