Autum ForestMany of my friends remark how much I seem to love autumn and they are right of course. I like to take pictures of the turning leaves, bedeck my house with fall colors and bake breads with pumpkin and cinnamon. It is a time of deep beauty for me, a time when I am called back into observing the way the Earth changes ever so slowly with each passing day. Autumn signals a time of new beginnings, returning to the school of life inside the soul. It beckons to me to remember that despite our resistance sometimes, this is the divine pattern seen everywhere.

Might as well enjoy it!


Autumnal Ecstacy

September by the sea moist and chilly at early dawn
A gray veil hangs over the misty coast
Even in Southern California without stark signals
Leaves slowly turn those splendid burnished hues
The autumn of life has returned once more
Children scream their joy outside my office window
And cars gridlock my afternoon escape
I turn my thoughts again to new beginnings
Seekers hearing the door knock
Answering a holy longing deep inside
Some get up and crack the portal of faith
Follow the Spirit as she wings her way over the city
Soars on the currents of air invisible
Beckons us to take a wild ride
Enter the monastery of the heart
Dare to learn again what we already know
Plunge into the mystery of what cannot be explained
Allow ourselves to be like the liquid amber leaves
Burnished and beautiful falling to the ground
To die and then to live in the eternal embrace
Of God’s autumnal ecstasy