“No daylight between us. Only kinship.” TATTOOS ON THE HEART, pg. 190 by Gregory Boyle

When St. Francis says, “Preach the Gospel always; use words when necessary”, Fr. Greg Boyle comes to mind. In his book, “Tattoos on the Heart,”  I witness over and again the great truth that we are all one. Greg has me belly laughing on one page and sobbing on the next. Spiritual truths are woven within the profane and harsh realities of gang life. Fr. “G” is the holy man who knows how to swear in two languages. He challenges me to practice radical love. In his vison of God’s Kingdom I am holding hands in a circle of compassion where no one is excluded. With Mother Teresa in one hand and a child molester in the other, I, a child of God, both sinner and saint, hold tight.


by Greg