While vacationing one summer on a lake in Idaho, my eight-year-old daughter wanted to “fly” on the infamous local rope swing. As we traversed the rocky hillside up to the launching spot, we noticed two young adults arguing.  Upon arrival, the young woman clearly afraid, angrily waved us forward and defiantly stepped back. My daughter grabbed the rope. I coached her through the safety routine, my heart pounding. What was I doing turning my daughter loose on such a dangerous adventure? If she lost heart, or let go of the rope too soon, she would go crashing onto the jagged rocks below. She backed up, took a running leap into the air, and wholeheartedly swung out over the rocks. Suspended a moment in the air, she let go, and sailed through the air making a gleeful splash landing in the water. That day, my daughter showed me how to jump off the cliff with faith, trust, and believing that goodness, and joy awaited. Since then, the times I have, metaphorically, jumped off the cliff into the arms of the Lord, I have done so, wholeheartedly!

by Gracie