The last few weeks it has been hard to watch all the devastation of the wildfires.  The lives of families going up in flames is a surrender they will not forget. I can only imagine the horror and intense feelings of losing the material structures, the photos, the clothes, the toys, the furniture, the heirlooms. I am reminded today of what I have accumulated in my world of stuff.  At one time trying to keep up with the Jones’ and comparing myself to my friends and neighbors was the mentality. Now, although I hang onto a lot of the things that have meaning as well as the creature comforts in my home, they are all earthly things that I cannot take with me, as the saying goes.  The memories created from the breaking of bread and sharing stories around the antique heirloom table, or drinking from great grandma’s crystal wine goblets are set deep in my soul. I surrender my ‘things’ to you, God, as I continue to create lasting memories and be blessed with what I have right in front of me, not needing more.

by Liz