God is calling me outside.  The summer is just beginning and creation is beckoning its familiar sights and sounds. As I venture out one morning for my beach run, I pause at my usual turn around place and step further down to the familiar stairs that looked so inviting this time. I am in awe as I see the budding of leaves and blossoms, the fresh morning light rising in between a few scattered clouds. Birds are sweetly rehearsing their arias and my senses are alive at that very moment. I am in gratitude for these simple creations that delight me so. I am fully in the ‘moment’ of all that is around me. I have a simple consciousness of God saying out loud, “Welcome to my Kingdom on earth.” All that I see, hear, taste, smell and touch is God’s spiritual body wrapping me in His world full of His love and light.  I will, in turn, breathe in all the senses of God and walk back the way I came to a new day, emitting light and love to whomever crosses my path. Oh, happy summer day!

by Liz