margin-right:16pxSundays during the summer are blessedly out of the ordinary for me. Having made a commitment to keep holy the Sabbath in an unconventional way, I took a morning walk on the beach. I was immediately gifted by the comforting presence of beach umbrellas  dotting the landscape with vibrant color. Stuck deep into the sand, they are like sheltering tree branches, providing protection from the beautiful but burning summer sun and creating a little sanctuary for rest.  Lying on a beach towel with a book while a child contentedly plays in the sand – what could be more like a little slice of heaven?  The circling seagulls high above in the sky, the smell of saltwater, the noise of the city muffled by crashing waves, feeds the soul like nothing else. Only then am I ready to return to the work I am blessed to do the rest of the week.