The last several weeks I have been with my parents in upstate New York as my Mom is in Hospice care, finishing her earthly journey. My parents are nearly ninety-seven and I have never imagined a time without them in my life. Even though I saw them less as my life changed,  I always knew they were just a phone call away and in later years, a weekly Skype. My Dad is the strongest person I have ever known; he always did what was right and not what was popular.  I see how broken his heart is as he holds Mom’s hand and sometimes cries. I want to join him in his tears, but I know that he needs me to just hug him and reassure him that Mom has a zipline into heaven. This Lent I pray that God gives me the strength to endure the loss of my beloved Mother and to be there for others when they need someone to lean on.

by JAM