I woke up to a sunny, cloudy, muggy, morning and the day was freely perfect!  No agenda, no appointments, no plans–a “staycation” day. My hubby and I slept in like teenagers and eased into the morning.  We leisurely did a few things around the house then walked down to the beach with only a towel, our phones and some change to buy a burger at the snack shack.  Salty summer air and charbroiled burgers with the ocean as our playground was the ultimate afternoon delight. After a swim in the 70 degree water, we eased our way to walk Del Mar Street and take in all the sights and sounds of our small town, feeling like kids with no time to be home.  The clouds were building. The rain started to trickle down and then turn into a beautiful shower as we walked home giddy laughing and talking about our day.  What a freedom walking in the rain brings to the spirit!  All I did was smile, look up, close my eyes and let nature bathe me with eternal water. Grateful.

by Liz