For many years I longed for a spiritual mother, someone with supernatural ease and grace, into whose arms I could fly in times of turmoil.  I do have a lovely relationship with Blessed Mother but the desire for someone in the flesh remained. About sixteen years ago, I began facilitating retreats for women in the hopes of providing a spiritual well for others thirsting for a pool of feminine wisdom. Today, when I think of significant people who have changed my life, the women who have poured out their hearts on retreat immediately flood my mind. They have held my hand, dried my tears, made me laugh, and nurtured me in a myriad of ways inexpressible. They have trusted each other and opened the doors to the deep, mystical thresholds that few people are allowed to cross. Bonds of grace connect us even after the retreat experiences. Beyond my wildest expectations, spiritual mothers continually appear, disguised as friends, teachers, and family members, the Body of Christ, the feminine face of God.

by DC