“. . . You have the words of eternal life.” John 6:68

“Spiritual friends are the best friends you will ever have.”  When I was first serious about my commitment to the spiritual journey, I was told this by someone I had just met. We were on a retreat together, the first one of literally hundreds since. I remember feeling skeptical and yet hopeful at the same time. I felt very alone then and  longed for someone to walk with, someone I could share the many thoughts and feelings I was having about God.  She was so right. Bound together in a a mystical love relationship with Christ, the many friendships  that now fill my life have an eternal quality. The acknowledged invisible presence of the Holy One gives rise to a different kind of bond that can never be broken. My heart swells today as I send out a blanket of  love and gratitude to all my companions.  Sarah Hart says it best:

05 Faces Of Our Friends