A gym workout makes my muscles strong, or at least that is what I try to accomplish when I am there three days a week. There is a different kind of strength that makes up the muscle in my soul. The tending to my spirit when I am at my weakest point builds that muscle of perseverance. Relying on God to see me through the roughest situation or incredible pain seems to build a strength that only I can gain from pure faith and surrendering to it.  When I am overcome by my sadness and pain, I only have one way to go…up!  Offering up the pain, the suffering, the human angst to God releases me from my weakest point to my greatest strength–emptying out all of me so that there is room for the muscles to grow within me. To gain an ounce of perseverance and hope each day is God working through me to build my strength in Him. How I love those spirit muscles!

by Liz