As Advent approaches, I feel my soul needing some tending to. I am thankful for this “sacred pause” that our church invites us to enter into. It’s a time for making sacred space so God can enter into our lives in a new and mysterious way. There is no special formula for how to do Advent. It is all Spirit-led if we allow the Spirit to help us in our waiting and fill us with a deep joy that no one can ever take away from us. This quote says it best, “To soul tend does not mean we do the work. Our souls are the work of the Gardener. But I believe we have to connect to the Holy to do that. We have to let the Gardener dig around our roots.. throw out the stones and twigs and clogs of clay; to fertilize with sacred time, and thoughts, and community.” So I will look for ways this Advent to allow the Gardener to tend to my soul so that I may better tend to the soul of others.

by Cathy