My son Ben likes history and politics. As he has matured into his autism, he has also matured into talking about politics in a more socially acceptable way. Ben is now moving toward making friendships and what is acceptable in meeting new people and especially meeting women.  So now, we enter the “social politics” zone.  We continually talk to him in terms of scripted conversation, the do’s and don’ts and who his audience is.  It is very difficult to dissect conversation in a factual way, that it, in a back and forth, you say this, she says that then you say this, dialogue. The room for misinterpreting and awkwardness is there but through his honesty and frankness, it is quite refreshing at times to hear him have conversations. God is like this too, speaking truth to the real, the honest part of ourselves, if we choose to really listen and take part in the conversation.  I am reminded of my own truth as I learn a new way to teach my son the ‘social politics’ of everyday talking we take for granted.

by Liz