I received a ticket yesterday. I was caught up in the busy-ness of being everywhere at once, taking my daughter to school. Naturally, we hit traffic on the way, so I was making up for lost time. My daughter noticed my lead-foot, and directed me to slow down. Too late,  I found myself pulling to the side of the road in front of blinky lights. “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Yes officer, I was just trying to get my daughter to school on time, and noticed I was speeding and just as I was slowing down, you got me on the radar going fast. I literally was slowing down right as you pulled out. I’m sorry.” After getting my credentials, he came back with a fix-it ticket for my cracked rear brake light. “I appreciate your honesty about speeding. You have no idea how many people play dumb, so this was refreshing. Slow down and take care of the light.” This song “Good Rain” (Trevor Hall) is a reminder that the spirit continues to surge in moments of honesty, understanding, and compassion. Listen, and may you have the blessing of compassion for someone else today.

By Kevin