Readers: During the next two weeks, our writers will give you three words to ponder as you begin each day. May these words, and their reflections, be spiritual nourishment in preparation for the coming forty days, our Church’s annual retreat into the desert of Lent. 

Seek small miracles that happen to you each day. I recently happened upon a sweet, agile lady in her nineties looking for a ride home with her groceries. I happened to stop at the market when I really wanted to go home but I needed to get that chore out of the way. There she was, two bags in hand, as I walked out the store entrance. “Could you give me a ride, just down the way?” I did not hesitate to say yes, so we walked to my car. We introduced ourselves and her name was Elizabeth, like mine. We shared conversation and she gave me detailed directions to her small, quaint home. She insisted that she carry her own two bags to her doorstep. She was very able and strong not only physically but also by nature. Before exiting the car, she left me with this quote: “Every day is a good day and some days are better. Remember that.” God invites us to seek small miracles each day.

by Liz