The word of God on high is the fountain of wisdom and her ways are everlasting. Sirach 1:2

Rarely do we think of wisdom as a person and yet in the Scriptures, “she” walks, talks, and guides us.  Another name for God, Wisdom is “seated” on Mary’s lap, the one who bore Christ into the world. In contrast to the more formal paintings of Mary on a throne with her baby son looking like an adult, I love this whimsical picture painted by Brother Michael McGrath. Seated in a rocking chair  with her child, the Light of the World, and the Holy Spirit fluttering above her ear, Mary and her baby are smiling and at home. To me, the painting communicates that no matter how long we live, the yearning to return to this protective place of love and contentment remains. Snuggled close to mom is where we first learned very wise lessons: “Don’t be afraid; it’s going to be all right; nothing will harm you; I am here.” Sacred moments such as these are never forgotten.

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