One of the reasons we look at making resolutions this time of year is that there is a desire to move in a new and improved direction either emotionally, physically or spiritually. A wonderful book titled The Enduring Heart, by author Wilkie Au, tells us that we can find ourselves in one of two places, rooted or stuck. This thought continually inspires me. Rooted is to find ourselves at home with who we are, yet ever open to growth, to be peaceful and productive, content and creative, intimate and generative, bearing rich fruit for ourselves and others. Stuck is when we let past failures, poor decisions, or missed opportunities make us unforgiving of ourselves and cynical about life. This happens when we let the envy of others consume us rather than gratefully acknowledging our own blessings and gifts and when we let fear (of anything) rule our lives. God is a God of motion, so let ’s move with the One who can water and fertilize the soil of our souls as we strive to become more rooted.

by Cathy