Next week marks the one-year anniversary of a trip my daughter and I took. We started a 5500-mile drive from Santa Cruz University to Skagway, Alaska. We had no set plans, no hotel reservations, a couple of sleeping bags and a head full of expectation. We were not disappointed. The road provided us the horizon relationships are built on. Every day that horizon bent around the curvature of the earth but met us at our center. There will always be times in our life when we forget to see the sunset or feel the pounding surf or hear birds chirping. It takes an effort or a road trip to absorb the beauty that has been gifted to us. This phenomenon accompanied us everyday. On the trip we crossed a border; camped with bears, cried in Watson Lake, changed direction during a rainstorm and sang songs to an iPod in unison with rumbling tires.  There’s something biblical and beautiful about a parent/child relationship. Sometimes we just need a vehicle and a road to travel down.

by Diego