Right To Joy

Of course we’re not a funeral procession

despite all the tears

we’ve swallowed.

We are filled with the joy

of building what is new

and enjoy the day, the night

and even our tiredness

and catch the laughter

in the high wind.

Although we were born to be happy

we see ourselves surrounded

by sorrows and bothers. . .

We see how wrinkles begin to appear

on our foreheads

and we become serious

but always, forever,

laughter dogs us

tied to our heels.

And we know how to be happy in the deepest,

most oppressive night

because we are built of a great hope,

of a great optimism

that takes hold of us

and victory grabs us by the collar

ringing its bell louder each time

and we know nothing can happen

that will stop us;

because we are seed and habitat

of an intimate smile

that will soon explode

in the faces of everyone.

Mario Benedetti