I made only one New Year’s resolution this year, to explore different ways to pray. My writing will encompass that exploration this month. With that in mind, I want to share  an acronym for prayer given in a homily recently.

ATRIP:  stands for:

A = Adoration: Start your prayer with Love for the Lord. Praise Him.

T = Thanksgiving: Whatever, in the moment, you are thankful for, share it with God.

R = Repentance: Asking forgiveness for unloving acts or thoughts against yourself, God, or others.

I = Intercessory Prayer: Pray for our world and those you know who need God’s help.

P = Petition: Lift up your own concerns, dreams, and desires to the Lord,

What I like about this kind of structure is that it gives me a framework in which to focus my prayer. Praying this way gives voice to loving God, gratitude, forgiveness of my own failings, the needs of my friends, family and the world, as well as my own concerns. I feel more at peace, hopeful, and complete when I use ATRIP for my prayer format.

by Gracie