It seems like there has been a dearth of genuine Christian witness out in our cities. I’m not talking about street corner Bible thumpers condemning the “unsaved” or even other less bullying evangelization tactics.  I’m looking for the Jesus of the Bible showing up on the streets, in the offices, warehouses, docks, alleys, and byways of my daily life.  My heart seeks the breathing gospel that our beloved St. Francis speaks of; the unspoken one preached by loving action and kindness. As a man on the other side of middle age, I can’t say that I have always been a beacon of God’s grace and mercy.  I have faltered and been enticed by the glitter and shimmer of this world’s empty promises. I pray that God may take the ignoble parts of me, and in his perfect economy, allow me to preach His gospel quietly, with humor, kindness and humble wisdom.

by Andrew