At the beginning of January, I shared “Eight New Year’s Resolutions for Catholics.” You may recall that my plan was to begin with just one and then add another one the following month and so far, so good! I picked a new “saint buddy” (#8) so I picked Saint Teresa of Calcutta. I’ve always had a huge admiration for her but never really asked her to pray with me. Now, with February 1st just forty-eight hours away and Ash Wednesday not far behind that, I’m going to try to practice #5 which suggests bringing back “regular penances.” I’m not planning on getting fitted for a hair shirt, but I certainly could be more mindful of things that I can do on a daily basis to remind me of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice. I don’t really need that Hershey’s kiss every day, and in also doing something positive for Lent, I could certainly kiss the ones I love more.

by JAM