As a long time sailor, I am familiar with the term “hurricane hole.” A hurricane hole is a safe anchorage to endure heavy weather.  In the Caribbean, it may be up a river among a grove of strapping banyan trees where a mariner could lash many lines to keep his craft centered in a depth of water, safe from wind-whipped waves. In Southern California, the only identified hurricane hole is Cat Harbor, a deep and winding anchorage on the backside of Catalina Island across the isthmus from Twin Harbors. I, too. seek safe harbor when all hell breaks loose; when all my best laid plans and preparations fail and I must turn tail and run.  Only when I weigh anchor into the deep and holy waters and bind onto the sturdy boughs of the pierced and Risen One can I weather the inevitable storms that life produces.  May I always remember to navigate to these waters, these depths, and the protected lee shore that my Savior provides.

by Andrew