We all want to be better people–better children, spouses, and neighbors. At times, trying to hard to be better can make us feel inadequate. We can be kind, generous and thoughtful and still not make a mark. The spotlight eludes us. We feel anxious. We stray from our New Year resolutions and tremble over the thought of Lent. Evil creeps in and takes over, sets us back. We realize how insignificant our lives can be so we try harder and fall further. Then comes Sunday mass and a touch of a friend and a tithe. Then a sacrifice, some small pain and a sigh moves our spirits. We spot that rainbow. There’s a new six-foot swell and more snow in the mountains than has ever been recorded. That spotlight shines on a life that only miracles can explain.  Pray the Beatitudes. Trust in a miracle. A footnote to your glorious life. Be better, but be better for God and leave your anxieties behind.

by Diego